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Swans: The iconic post-punk band’s musical transmutation and ‘LSD carpentry’

When Swans founder and figurehead Michael Gira talks about his seemingly indefatigable touring and recording schedule, he likens it to the work of a tradesman — a baker or a carpenter — getting out there and doing the work every … Continue reading

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Alice Cooper terrorizes Tulip City

Once in a while, a concert gives off such strange electric energy that its reverberations can be felt across the ages. Alice Cooper’s June 21, 1972 show at the Holland Civic Center is definitely one of those. I was a … Continue reading

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In love with ‘the culture and energy’ of house concerts: A balm for the anxiety of a terrifying era?

My band, Voluptuous Panic, played a gig at the 2014 Lamp Light Music Festival in Grand Rapids. Here are some of my reflections as a performer and audience member. Read more at Local Spins…

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X gives Grand Rapids that pure punk experience

There may be no punk band that captures the true weird spirit of America better than X. Their music evokes this nation’s vast spaces, weird politics, dark mystery and relentless energy. Playing to a packed house at Grand Rapids’ The … Continue reading

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Stooges’ drummer Scott Asheton ‘drove the sound of the band’

Judging from the outpouring of emotion from fans and peers over the death of Scott “Rock Action” Asheton Saturday night, it would be hard to tell that his band the Stooges were nearly ignored during their initial run in the … Continue reading

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